Get inspired by our showcases. Read more about audio systems installed in and customized for living room, media room and home theaters.

Living room

Model D in Ukraine
Creating joy in a war-torn country
Vincent Corver showroom
Steinway & Sons showroom & living room
Luxurious penthouse apartment with Model D 2
Luxurious penthouse apartment
Expansive island estate installation
Expansive Island Estate Installation
Model LS installed in living room
Unique system near Sentosa Cove
Mountain estate with Model D 2
Mountain Estate Sound Majesty
Modern residence with Model D installation
Sound System Co-Stars With Incredible View

Media room

Luxurious entertainment room
Luxurious entertainment room
The Steinway Lodge
The Steinway Lodge
Lifestyle picture from UK installation with Model D
Fantastic UK installation raises the bar
Nigels gaming room
The Manor tv and gaming room
Model M installed in California party barn 4
Award-Winning California Party Barn
Model M and LS installed in mountain home 5
Double Installation In Luxury Mountain Home

Home theater

Steinway home cinema in UK
Fantastic Steinway and Lyngdorf installation in Berkshire, UK
Crescendo home cinema
A statement of Power and beauty
Kensington cinema
Kensington Steinway cinema
Home theater with Model LS 4
Transforming A Living Room Into A Home Theater
Home cinema in London with Model S 4
Full home theater re-design
Model LS in home theater
Home Theater Captivates With Cinematic Power
Home theater with Model LS and IW in Mumbai City 5
Mumbai Mansion
Dolby Atmos home theater with Model S 4
Breathtaking Dolby Atmos Home Theater
Hybrid theater with Model S and LS 4
Hybrid theater/lounge
Model S installed in Singapore
Discreet Home Stereo System
Home theater with Model LS 2
Elegantly powerful theater
Nigels home theater
The Manor Dedicated Home Theater


Model D installed on a yacht 2
Flagship installation for floating theater
Model D installed on a yacht 4
Surround sound aboard 154-ft yacht


Model O speakers at Juhl Soerensen
Speakers surrounded by Steinway pianos
Silverscreen theater in California inside
388 seat silverscreen theater
Orchid suite with Model M in Hawaii
Orchid Suite At The Halekulani In Hawaii
Paradiso theater with Model LS 2
The Ultimate Entertainment Complex
Orfeo theater with LS surround system
Luxury theater in central Seoul
Studio 45
MP-60 playing in Hong Kong studio


Digital Storm's showroom
Luxurious media room in vietnam
Gecko's showroom in London
Custom Installation In UK Showroom
Echo System's showroom 4
Echo Systems Breathtaking Showroom
Portugese theater with Model S 2
S-Series Perfects Portuguese Theater
Showroom in Ukraine
Beautiful showroom in Ukraine
genesis showroom
Wooden trim demo cinema
Genesis showroom
Outstanding experience in South Africa
iCreative showroom with Model M
Exquisite technology & design in Algarve
Steinway Lyngdorf showroom in Singapore
Showroom in central Singapore
Aktiva showroom
Showroom in Guatamala
Genesis showroom
VIP lounges in Southern Europe