Get inspired by our showcases. Read more about audio systems installed in and customized for living room, media room and home theaters.

Living room

Vincent Corver showroom
Steinway & Sons showroom & living room
Luxurious penthouse apartment with Model D 2
Luxurious penthouse apartment
Mountain estate with Model D 2
Mountain Estate Sound Majesty
Modern residence with Model D installation
Sound System Co-Stars With Incredible View
Model LS installed in living room
Unique system near Sentosa Cove
Expansive island estate installation
Expansive Island Estate Installation

Media room

Luxurious entertainment room
Luxurious entertainment room
The Steinway Lodge
The Steinway Lodge
Lifestyle picture from UK installation with Model D
Fantastic UK installation raises the bar
Nigels gaming room
The Manor tv and gaming room
Model M installed in California party barn 4
Award-Winning California Party Barn
Model M and LS installed in mountain home 5
Double Installation In Luxury Mountain Home

Home theater

Steinway home cinema in UK
Fantastic Steinway and Lyngdorf installation in Berkshire, UK
Crescendo home cinema
A statement of Power and beauty
Kensington cinema
Kensington Steinway cinema
Home theater with Model LS 4
Transforming A Living Room Into A Home Theater
Home cinema in London with Model S 4
Full home theater re-design
Model LS in home theater
Home Theater Captivates With Cinematic Power
Home theater with Model LS and IW in Mumbai City 5
Mumbai Mansion
Dolby Atmos home theater with Model S 4
Breathtaking Dolby Atmos Home Theater
Hybrid theater with Model S and LS 4
Hybrid theater/lounge
Model S installed in Singapore
Discreet Home Stereo System
Home theater with Model LS 2
Elegantly powerful theater
Nigels home theater
The Manor Dedicated Home Theater


Model D installed on a yacht 2
Flagship installation for floating theater
Model D installed on a yacht 4
Surround sound aboard 154-ft yacht


Studio 45
MP-60 playing in Hong Kong studio
Silverscreen theater in California inside
388 seat silverscreen theater
Orchid suite with Model M in Hawaii
Orchid Suite At The Halekulani In Hawaii
Paradiso theater with Model LS 2
The Ultimate Entertainment Complex
Orfeo theater with LS surround system
Luxury theater in central Seoul


genesis showroom
Wooden trim demo cinema
Gecko's showroom in London
Custom Installation In UK Showroom
Echo System's showroom 4
Echo Systems Breathtaking Showroom
Portugese theater with Model S 2
S-Series Perfects Portuguese Theater
Showroom in Ukraine
Beautiful showroom in Ukraine
Genesis showroom
Outstanding experience in South Africa
iCreative showroom with Model M
Exquisite technology & design in Algarve
Steinway Lyngdorf showroom in Singapore
Showroom in central Singapore
Aktiva showroom
Showroom in Guatamala
Genesis showroom
VIP lounges in Southern Europe