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Transforming A Living Room Into A Home Theater


This impressive Model LS surround sound system, which is concealed behind acoustically transparent silk-screen wall coverings, is capable of extreme sound pressure without any strain, resulting in outstanding dynamic headroom. Specifically designed to provide perfect playback for movie screenings and rock concerts as well as network broadcasts, this configuration exclusively uses components from the Model LS collection paired with custom boundary woofers.

The Steinway & Sons Model LS collection features line source speakers which have several key benefits; one is that they have very low distortion even at extremely high sound pressure levels. Combined with an incredible dynamic range and equal sound pressure level (SPL) at the front and rear seats at the same time, this is the pinnacle of how a system can be built. This theater meets very specific demands of sound pressure levels and quality of performance without detracting from the décor.


Products used: LS l/r, LS center, LS bw

Home theater with Model LS 2
Home theater with Model LS
Home theater with Model LS 3

Products used in this case:

LS center
LS l/r
LS woofer

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