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Steinway & Sons Model A
Product news

Steinway Lyngdorf launches new loudspeaker

Steinway Lyngdorf launches new loudspeakerSteinway Lyngdorf announces the launch of the new free-standing Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker. The new Model A is a full-range loudspeaker and provides the acclaimed Steinway & Sons sound performance from a...

P-100 in wooden furniture
Product news

P100 & Head Unit 2.1 Upgrade Postponed

In the beginning of the year, we announced the second HDMI 2.1 roll-out for our remaining processor program, Lyngdorf MP-40, Steinway & Sons P100 and Steinway & Sons Head Unit to start second half of 2021. Since then, we have seen dramatic shortages of...

Steinway & Sons P100 2.1 processor
Product news

HDMI 2.1 for additional Steinway Lyngdorf processors

HDMI 2.1. for additional Steinway Lyngdorf processors Following the release of HDMI 2.1 for its flagship models, Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1 and Steinway & Sons P300 2.1 (availability February 2021), Steinway Lyngdorf is now moving on to HDMI 2.1 for the remaining...


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Model D in production

Steinway Lyngdorf becomes its own UK distributor

After 8 years with an English distributor, Steinway Lyngdorf goes all the way to become its own distributor in England. In October 2021 Steinway Lyngdorf established a new company in England, and from Aril 1st 2022 dealers can purchase directly from Steinway Lyngdorf UK.

ultimate home cinema

Native immersive experience with Spatial

Native immersive experience with SpatialThe next generation of high-quality and home audio systems will provide a native immersive experience with the digital integration of Spatial’s real-time immersive audio engine and Steinway Lyngdorf’s unsurpassed processor...

P300 processor on wooden furniture

Momentum Group and Rio Grande Reps as new partner in US

Momentum Group and Rio Grande Reps as new partner in US Steinway Lyngdorf has engaged Momentum Group and Rio Grande Reps to provide sales representation services in the Rockies and TOLA regions of the US for performance focused dealers, integrators, and specialty...


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Event at Woody's home

Amazing event at Woody’s Home in Pasadena

Amazing event at Woody’s Home in Pasadena Late March we had an amazing event at Woody’s Home in Pasadena together with Steinway & Sons. The event included demos on Model D, Model O and Woody’s Steinway Lyngdorf theater as well as live performance from The...

CEDIA 2018 cinema

CEDIA Expo 2018 highlights

CEDIA Expo 2018 highlights Massive Model LS and IW-66 Atmos theater The Model LS made a long overdue return to CEDIA in the form of a massive home theater this year. Using 8 LS boundary woofers with a total of 16 x 12″ drivers, we created a huge Atmos theater which...

CEDIA banner 2018

Largest CEDIA presence in company history

Largest CEDIA presence in company history We are less than one month away from our annual fall product unveiling at CEDIA Expo. Taking place this year in San Diego from September 4-8, we are excited to announce that this will be our biggest CEDIA show ever. At this...

Awards & reviews

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Close up of Steinway & Sons Model S-15

Best vs. best challenge

Best vs. best challengeMartin Dew from Home Theater Forum has visited our UK partner, Gecko Home Cinema, where he has compared a Steinway Lyngdorf system with a Lyngdorf Audio system. The goal was not necessarily to identify the finest home theater, but to pinpoint...

Award ceremony in Poland for Synergy Sound

The most perfect sound with the Luxury Brand

The most perfect sound with the Luxury Brand Great news from our partner in Poland, Synergy Sound! Steinway Lyngdorf is awarded for the most perfect sound with the Luxury Brand of the Year 2019 statuette! The 10th Jubilee edition of the Grand Gala “Luxury Brand of...

Awards for Model S 2017
Awards, Model S

Steinway & Sons Model S honored The Absolute Sound 2017

Steinway & Sons Model S honored The Absolute Sound 2017Proving that the entry-level speaker series from Steinway Lyngdorf simply blows the competition out of the water, the Steinway & Sons Model S has again been honored with one of the most sought-after...

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