steinway boundary woofers

In every movie soundtrack but also in the greatest music recordings, the bass is a substantial part of the sound experience. Steinway Lyngdorf offers a wide range of woofers, from discreet and stylish in-room models in the living room to expandable woofers, ready to fill a grand home theater with sound.

Steinway & Sons LSR-212

A powerhouse in-room sound experience

Model S-210 bw
Steinway & Sons Model S-210

Powerful performance in a discreet package

Steinway & Sons LSR-210

A fully encompassing in-room woofer

LS woofer
Steinway & Sons LS bw

The in-wall solution for encompassing sound

Model M bw
Steinway & Sons Model M bw

Powerful and accurate bass

Our core technologies

Boundary woofers
Bass management
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