Steinway speakers for media rooms

Steinway & Sons speakers are easy to place in media rooms and blending in with the living room interior, from space-saving speakers acoustically designed for placements against the wall to on-wall speakers. Our Bass Management allows to place the woofers in the room corners, while the advanced RoomPerfect™ sound calibration always ensures extraordinary sound performance from any speaker placement and in any room size or shape.

Model M l/r
Steinway & Sons Model A

Full-range louspeaker with a powerful sound designed for room-friendly placement

Model S-15
Steinway & Sons Model O

Sleek and stylish full-range loudspeaker with a small footprint

Model S Soundbar
Steinway & Sons Model S Soundbar

High-performance on-wall soundbar

Model M center on-wall speaker on white background
Steinway & Sons Model M Center

Stylish high-performance on-wall center loudspeaker with rigid aluminum cabinet

Model M l/r
Steinway & Sons Model M l/r

Stylish high-performance on-wall loudspeaker with rigid aluminum cabinet

How to choose the right speakers

(For architects and interior designers)

First of all, it is important to know how the room is going to be used and what kind of sound experience the owner has in mind. This is not about budget – the same budget can be used for the very finest reference music system with just two speakers, or split between multichannel speakers in a dedicated home theater. The key question is whether this is mainly a place to relax and enjoy listening to music and maybe watch some tv, or a dedicated cinema room to watch movies and concerts with friends. Most music is recorded in stereo, while movies, concerts, and games are produced with surround sound.

Statement speakers or discreet speakers

Again, it depends on what the owner has in mind. Loudspeakers can be completely installed and hidden in the wall, discretely placed on the wall, or proudly placed as an object of desire in the room like a grand piano.

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Model M speakers in big penthouse living room

Our core technologies

Boundary woofers
Boundary woofers
Bass management
Bass management
Fully Digital systems
Fully digital