Fully Digital amplification

Fully digital amplification

In close collaboration with some of the finest minds working in the field of digital technology, Steinway Lyngdorf has developed and advanced High End digital amplification over the past two decades. The speed, precision and incredible dynamic range of this proprietary technology took the world by storm when it was introduced in 1996, creating a musical experience against a background of completely “black” silence to enhance the finest musical details.

As conventionally defined, the Lyngdorf TDAI product range does not amplify at all. They are digital-to-analog converters with sufficient power (current and voltage) to drive speakers directly, eliminating hundreds of active and passive components, which are a major source of noise and distortion.

Open loop amplifiers with zero negative feedback

In Lyngdorf TDAI digital amplifiers, signal processing is handled 100% in the digital domain, allowing pure digital processing to deliver the full musical potential. Incorporating the world’s most advanced technology, as well as uncompromising component quality, Steinway Lyngdorf creates open loop amplifiers with zero negative feedback.

The Lyngdorf TDAI amplifiers employ only a single coil and capacitor to create a 60 kHz, second-order low-pass filter, following D-to-A conversion.

Operating at close to 95%, cool-running efficiency, the Lyngdorf TDAI amplifiers generate virtually no heat. Requiring no heatsinks for heat dissipation, the amplifiers are extremely lightweight with a stylish, sleek exterior.

To decrease volume, the output voltage of the power supply is simply reduced. This means that the volume control includes no active circuitry, making it an ideal method for uncompromising volume control.

Advantages of Steinway Lyngdorf amplification

The advantages of Steinway Lyngdorf direct digital amplification are immediately clear. The sound is stunning, clear, and articulate, with fantastic soundstage and dynamics. The dead-quiet background is an added benefit. The unusual dynamic range at lower volumes is yet another unexpected benefit of the design.

Steinway Lyngdorf’s exclusive, patented digital technologies result in a musical immediacy with astounding levels of silence, transparency and naturalness. Our advanced algorithms ensure absolutely linear conversion and the highest possible audio fidelity.

Steinway Lyngdorf offers a complete digital control center, incorporating an electronic crossover, D/A converter, preamplifier, power amplifier and RoomPerfect™ room correction with unconstrained sound and a sense of ultimate freedom.

Among the most technologically advanced products of its kind – simplicity is the keyword for its design. All this sophisticated functionality is mounted in a compact space with passive cooling for minimum noise pollution to the environment.

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