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The Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker brings the acclaimed Steinway & Sons sound performance to luxury outdoor applications, such as yachts, patios, and pool areas. Combined with the technologically outstanding Steinway & Sons amplifiers and sound processors, the Marine Speaker allows the highest level of sound quality from an outdoor loudspeaker.

Steinway & Sons sound performance for yachts and pool areas

Different to many compact outdoor speakers, the Steinway & Sons Marine speaker is designed as a full-range high-end-audio loudspeaker to effortlessly fill a yacht or pool outdoor area with best-in-class sound, from acoustic singer-songwriter recordings to dynamic dance music and large orchestral pieces. Coupled with Steinway & Sons amplifiers and the speaker calibration in our sound processors, multiple Marine Speakers can be used together in different arrangements and always achieve the best sound performance in any environment.

Powerful sound from four woofers

The Marine Speaker is equipped with advanced driver technology to provide the best sound quality and cut through the outdoor noise. Two 8” woofers per speaker and two additional 10” passive woofers on the back allow deep and dynamic bass, even when free-standing outdoors. A dedicated 5” midrange driver ensures a clear and detailed midrange, important for singing voices and natural instruments. The Air Motion Transformer tweeter is a signature Steinway & Sons loudspeaker detail and reproduces exceptionally clear and detailed high frequencies, even at higher volume levels. In the Marine Speaker, a special mesh protects all drive-units.

Designed for outdoor weather conditions

The design’s rounded edges, white lacquer, and gold colored trim perfectly blend with yacht and pool environments, while the aluminum enclosure as well as the drive-units on the front are protected against salt water, spray water, splash water, and other outdoor weather conditions. The Marine Speaker is IP65 rated. Rigid mounting rings on top and bottom allow secure mounting to the ground on a sundeck or terrace, for example with the optional tubular foot or using custom-made mounting constructions.

IP65 rating for the Steinway Marine speaker
Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker
Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker
Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker

Unique features

Close up of Marine speaker
White lacquer and gold-plated trim

The design’s rounded edges, white lacquer, and gold-plated trim perfectly blend with yacht and pool environments, while the rigid tubular foot and mounting ring allow secure mounting to the ground or from the ceiling.

Protected against salt water and outdoor weather conditions

The sealed aluminum enclosure with special lacquering and coated gold trim as well as the drive-units are protected against salt water, spray water, splash water, and other weather conditions, making the IP65 rated Marine Speaker the ideal choice for yachts, pool areas, and patios.

Close up of Marine Speaker
Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker
Four powerful 8” woofers

Two 8” woofers on the front featuring exceptionally strong magnets and two additional 10” passive woofers on the back are very unusual for outdoor speakers yet crucial to reproduce deep and powerful bass in such environments. Combined with powerful Steinway & Sons digital amplifiers and sound calibration, the Marine Speaker will always provide a convincing sound experience, from relaxed background music to dynamic party tunes.

Marine Speaker technical drawings


Description: Full-range outdoor loudspeaker
Tweeter: Air Motion Transformer
Midrange: 1 x 150 mm / 5”
Woofer: 2 x 230 mm / 8”, 2 x 260 mm / 10” passive radiators
Enclosure: Powder Coated Aluminum, Gold trim in 18 Carat PVD Coated Stainless Steel, IP65 rated
Frequency range: 43 – 20,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Amplification: 2 x 400 watt per loudspeaker
Amplification channels: 2
Max SPL@1m: 120 dB
Crossover: 500Hz, 2500Hz
Connections: Neutrik speakON (1x top, 1x underside)
Placement: Floor-standing, outdoor use
Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 760 x 333 mm / 11.8 x 29.9 x 13.1” (without mounting assembly),
300 x 1120 x 333 mm / 11.8 x 44.1 x 29.9 “ (with tubular mounting foot)
Weight: 39 kg / 85 lbs
Finish: High gloss white with high gloss gold trim, white aluminum mesh grille, custom finishes available

Installation manual
Fact sheet
Technical drawings



Steinway Surface
Marine Speaker at fireplace


Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can read some common questions about the Steinway & Sons Marine Speaker. You can also download the FAQs as a pdf. Download here.

Is RoomPerfect required with open-space speakers, such as the Marine Speaker?

In open spaces, RoomPerfect™ won’t be required to take care of the typical room modes, boundary reflections, and other typical closed-room effects. However, RoomPerfect™ calibration will still lead to an overall better sound performance.

  • RoomPerfect™, apart from addressing acoustical issues inside a room, also always focuses the stereo image by aligning left and right channels. This is frequently mentioned by customers and reviewers – not only solved room problems, but overall better soundstaging and imaging between the speakers. This works equally well in an out- side space, where speakers and listening area usually deviate from the ideal stereo triangle.
  • RoomPerfect™ aligns all speakers playing well together – no matter how many speakers and where they are placed. Non-calibrated outdoor systems simply play sound from all speakers with a rather random outcome. RoomPerfect™, together with the right speaker distance settings, will always be the more intelligent, better sounding system.
  • RoomPerfect™ even without a room will still adjust the overall frequency response and sound energy in the main listening area. RoomPerfect™, together with the Voicing options, will always improve the speaker performance and lead to a better sound experience, customized for the client.
  • Most outdoor areas won’t meet the stereo triangle rulebook, nor fulfil Dolby / DTS speaker placement guidelines. However, very likely there’s still a favorite sofa or some armchairs where the family or the owner prefers to sit. It’s much better to have this seat and area covered by RoomPerfect™ in the best possible way, compared to no calibration at all.
  • Swimming pool areas typically have no single listening spot in or around the pool. But first, there might still be a lounge area next to the pool to measure. Second, a RoomPerfect™ measurement roughly at the middle of the pool on water level is still better than no calibration at all.
How to make a RoomPerfect measurement in open spaces?

Actually the RoomPerfect™ process is overall easier than in closed rooms, as there are no (or less) boundaries, corners and ceilings to take care of. The key is to stay within the main listening zone.

  1. Place the microphone at the main listening seat. This might not be a spot as specific as in traditional stereo or surround listening rooms, but there will be an area (sitting, standing, lying down) where people usually stay most of the time.
  2. Remember that after the first focus and following room measurements, additional focus spots with other speaker distances can be stored and re-named. This can be another seat, or even a completely different listening area. (For example: Focus 1 – Patio. Focus 2 – Garden Sofa. Focus 3 – Pool Area.)
  3. For the following “room” measurements, stay within the main listening area. Since an open space has no bound- aries, in theory one could take endless and far out microphone positions. Stick to the obvious and avoid useless microphone positions. It’s not important to measure at the outer hedges and edges of the place, but to capture the sound field within the main listening area.
  4. Prior to the RoomPerfect™ measurement, remember to type-in the actual speaker distances in the setup menu. Different distances to the left and right speakers are more common outdoors, compared to typical indoor stereo or surround rooms. The distance and time alignment is a key factor of RoomPerfect™. It will lead to an overall better (and often surprising) sound experience at someone’s favorite listening spot.

Revolutionizing Superyacht Audio: The Seamless Integration of the Marine Speaker

Steinway Lyngdorf and Future Automation have redefined luxury superyacht audio by unveiling an innovative marine speaker system that elegantly hinges out from the deck. Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, the speakers are discreetly concealed when not in use, protected from harsh maritime conditions, and capable of bearing weight, allowing seamless movement over them.

This space-efficient solution, powered by Future Automation’s servo-driven technology, offers a remarkable fusion of advanced audio and yacht design, setting a new luxury standard for audio integration at sea.

Looking for a bespoke engineered solution to your project? Contact Future Automation here.

Integrated system approach

All Steinway & Sons products can be combined for individual Steinway & Sons sound systems and follow our integrated system approach. The chosen loudspeakers are programmed into the processor, and amplifiers are connected reliably using our own digital signal connection. RoomPerfect™ will further acoustically calibrate the loudspeakers to the room. With this integrated system approach, we can guarantee the legacy of absolute perfection that comes with the Steinway & Sons partnership. A perfection which can never be attained mixing products “off the shelf” from different manufacturers.

This loudspeaker can be combined with the following models, depending on the room and customer wishes.

P100 processor on white background
P100 processor on white background
STEINWAY & SONS p300 2.1
A1 amplifier on white background
A2 amplifier on white background