Steinway Lyngdorf becomes its own UK distributor

Apr 1, 2022 | Partners

Model D in production

After 8 years with an English distributor, Steinway Lyngdorf goes all the way to become its own distributor in England. In October 2021 Steinway Lyngdorf established a new company in England, and from April 1st 2022 dealers can purchase directly from Steinway Lyngdorf UK.

“UK is a really good hi-fi and home cinema market and always has been. It is a big step for us to enter the market, but we believe that, by having a presence ourselves, we can significantly increase our sales in the coming years. In the autumn of 2021, we found the right person to help make this happen. We had reached a maturity in the market that allows us to justify it, and at the same time we had reached a point where we could start to see some limitations to further growth”, says Anker Haldan, CCO at Steinway Lyngdorf.


Read the full press release from CDIE services here.

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