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Merging modern aesthetics with cutting edge audio technology


In this stunning Montana residence, custom-colored speakers add a vibrant, unexpected accent to the sleek, modern space, seamlessly integrating powerful sound with aesthetic precision. This project, spearheaded by Mike Rossmiller, a partner at SAV Digital Environments, showcases how custom-colored speakers can add a vibrant touch to a sleek, contemporary space without sacrificing sound quality or design integrity.

The primary challenge was to maintain the vision of a clean, modern mountain home while ensuring that all technological elements functioned at the highest level. The initial plan was to install subtle matte black speakers that would blend into the background. However, the design trajectory took a bold turn.

From subtle to striking: The transformation with custom-colored speakers and innovative sound technology

Inspired by custom finishes, Mike chose a striking deep red finish with matte black accents for the speakers. This decision transformed the main entertainment area’s front wall, allowing the speakers to add a pop of color that accentuated the room’s clean lines. Supporting the compact speakers, custom-designed boundary woofers were installed in discreetly built-in cabinets, delivering deep, immersive bass while maximizing floor space.

The heart of this home beats with the compact yet powerful Steinway & Sons Model S-15 speaker, proving that size is no barrier to filling a large room with rich, enveloping audio. Serving as the centerpiece for entertainment and family gatherings, the stereo audio system, powered by the versatile Steinway & Sons P100 processor, is adept at multitasking. From gaming to vinyl, TV to digital audio, every experience is enhanced, making this space the ultimate destination for relaxation and socializing.

Hear the client’s perspective

We were lucky enough to sit down with Mike and tour his beautiful home in person. Join us as we chat about the process in the video below. His Montana home exemplifies our commitment to delivering audio solutions where performance and design coexist in perfect harmony, helping to set a new standard for luxury living.


Products used: Model S-15, Custom dual 12″ boundary woofers, A2, P300 2.1
Partner: SAV Digital Environments

“This stereo system is the heart of our home. It effortlessly adapts to our lifestyle, whether we’re hosting a lively game night, unwinding with our favorite vinyl records, or enjoying a movie. The seamless integration makes every audio experience a highlight of our day.”

Mike Rossmiller, VP Operations, SAV Digital Environments

Products used in this case:

Model S-15
LS woofer on white background

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