Breathtaking good Dolby Atmos home theater

This Atmos® theater in the UK is a hands-down winner. The homeowner is an extremely discerning audio enthusiast with exacting standards for cinematic sound. UK installer Potters Home Digital knew how to design the perfect system to meet—and exceed—the homeowners’ expectations. They opted for a 7.4.6 channel Dolby Atmos® system comprised of on- and in-wall Model S speakers, a Model P200 surround sound processor, and Model A1 and A2 amplifiers. To complete the configuration, four custom dual subwoofers were stacked in the room’s front corners.

This dedicated home cinema presented a few unusual challenges: the room is L-shaped, with an entire wall of glass and a solid concrete floor. The theater’s odd shape and textiles proved no obstacle for Steinway Lyngdorf technologies. Thanks to RoomPerfect™, the installers were free to design the living space without having to worry about making excessive changes to the room or installing extensive acoustic treatments. The performance of the system is breathtakingly good, and the client is extremely happy with having both world-class sound performance and uncompromised room aesthetics.

Products used: Model S, Model P200, Model A1 & A2
Installation by:
 Potters Home Digital