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Home theater captivates with cinematic power


This stunning home theater is made unique with a striking pair of Model LS Concert dipole line source speakers. The system was created when the client, a prominent business leader and an avowed audiophile, asked Steinway Lyngdorf to design a multi-channel system for his new home that would provide the best possible audio experience.

Captivated with the open sound and craftsmanship of his Model D stereo setup, he chose the Model LS Concert for its realistic cinematic experiences: the virtually unlimited dynamic range of the Model LS combines with the perfect musical reproduction of the Model D speakers.

These speakers are the heart and soul of an immensely powerful system, installed in a media room that is acoustically designed by Steinway Lyngdorf and finished to the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision engineering. The line source principle ensures virtually identical sound pressure level and tonal consistency across the entire room, while the dipole design results in an extremely open, detailed, and dynamic musicality.


Products used: LS concert

Products used in this case:

LS Concert

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