Surround sound aboard 154-ft yacht

This beautiful 154-ft yacht has a very special Steinway Lyngdorf installation. It includes two flagship Model D speakers which are paired with Model M center, Model M left/right speakers and Model LS boundary woofers, creating a 7-channel surround sound system.

Unique to this installation are the ceiling-mounted high-gloss Model M speakers. By installing the speakers only semi in-ceiling, instead of flush behind a grill, the entire system becomes a striking design statement.

To complete the system, in-wall Model LS boundary woofers are located below the screen and in the deckhead to the rear. A Model P1 surround sound processor with RoomPerfect™ and Model A1 digital amplifiers deliver the finesse and power to drive the system.

Products used: Model M, Model LS, Model A1, Model P1
Installation by:
 Ocean Media Systems