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Unique sound experience in London with unmatched customer service


Londoner Robert Taussig has been in the audio business for most of his life, starting from when he was a teenager running the record shop in the legendary Chelsea Drugstore. Since 1975, when he started his own company, he has built a loyal base of repeat customers, who seek him out for his unparalleled expertise, discretion, and matchless customer service.

Robert has been in direct partnership with Steinway Lyngdorf since 2020, and currently he has the only Steinway Lyngdorf Dolby Atmos cinema on demo in London. The main speakers are the Steinway & Sons Model S-15 speakers together with LSR-210 boundary woofers, P100 surround processor and A1 amplifiers.

Watch the video below to hear more about Robert Taussig, his experiences with Steinway Lyngdorf and his amazing cinema.

Products used: Model S-15, LSR-210, P100, A1
Partner: Robert Taussig

“When there is a product made, that looks stunning, feels stunning and sounds stunning, you want it to be out on show. From a main speaker, it has this wide sound image and transparency of the sound, which no other speaker I have heard in the cinema realm has. It gave me the musical discreet high end cinema system that I can use as a reference for all other systems.”

Robert Taussig, Owner

Products used in this case:

Model S-15
LSR-210 boundary woofers on white background
P100 processor on white background
A1 amplifier on white background

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