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Crafting the Perfect Sound in a Design-Conscious Space


When a discerning audiophile approached HiFi Klubben, he had a clear vision: to experience unparalleled sound quality in his beautifully designed living space, without compromising the room’s aesthetic. His wife insisted that the audio equipment should blend seamlessly with the interior, posing a significant challenge: achieving high-fidelity sound from virtually invisible components.

HiFi Klubben’s Solution

Jakob from HiFi Klubben was ready to rise to the challenge. Understanding the customer’s unique requirements and the spatial constraints, Jacob coordinated with an architect to create a customized solution that not only met but exceeded expectations.

The solution centered around the strategic placement of Steinway & Sons Model S-15 speakers, which were expertly positioned to ensure optimal sound distribution while maintaining the room’s visual appeal. The speakers were installed with custom-made brackets that allowed them to hang at precisely the right angles, enabling the customer to enjoy both the stunning views from his room and the rich layers of sound.

Additionally, Steinway & Sons LS boundary woofers were ingeniously hidden within the floor itself, preserving the room’s aesthetics without sacrificing the deep, resonant bass that the customer craved. The integration of the Steinway & Sons P100 processor and A2 amplifier ensured that each component worked in harmony to produce a sound that rivals the presence of large floor speakers.

The outcome

The installation was not merely a success; it was a revelation. The audio system did more than fill the room with music; it brought each track to life, creating an immersive experience where the music could be not only heard but felt, moving through the space with palpable presence.

“It’s not just about hearing music in the background; it’s about feeling it move around you and understanding the production behind each note,” the customer remarked. The HiFi Klubben team not only met the challenge of balancing high-fidelity sound with interior design but delivered a sensory experience that went beyond the customer’s wildest dreams.


Products used: Model S-15, LS BW, P100, A2
Partners: HiFi Klubben

Products used in this case:

Model S-15
Steinway & Sons Model S-15
LS woofer on white background
Steinway & Sons LS BW
P100 processor on white background
Steinway & Sons P100
A2 amplifier on white background
Steinway & Sons A2

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