Custom Marine Speaker for a Croatian yacht 

A customer of our partner TD Elektronika wanted to upgrade the Hi-Fi system on his yacht. He had experience with fine Hi-Fi systems, but because he was spending a lot of time on the yacht, he wanted to upgrade to a high-end system featuring speakers with clear sound and high power. The customer tried different Hi-Fi solutions but was disappointed with the sound. He didn’t find an effective solution for an open space, where the speaker must have durability and be able to withstand the different conditions on a yacht.

At ISE 2022, Damir Vukobratovic from TD Elektronika heard the Steinway & Sons Marine Speakers, and he knew that they were exactly what the customer needed. He introduced the customer to the Steinway brand, and after a demo with the speakers, the customer decided to install them. To power the speakers, they have a Steinway & Sons P100 processor and an A2 amplifier.


Products used: Marine Speaker (customised with chrome trim), P100, A2
Partner: TD Elektronika – with Technotop (Mr. Stojan Pacek) doing the installation and customer support

 “During installation a guy from another yacht heard the system and was fascinated with the sound quality. He told us that they want to upgrade their Hi-Fi system to the Marine Speaker setup after the summer season.”

There are no other high-quality solutions for yachts, and this is a huge market, where quality is key. This is exactly, where the Steinway brand has its strength, and the Marine Speaker is perfect in this market.”

Damir Vukobratovic, Owner, TD Elektronika

Custom Marine speaker on yacht
Custom Marine speaker on yacht
Custom Marine speaker on yacht
Custom Marine speaker on yacht

Products used in this case:

Marine Speaker
STEINWAY & SONS Marine Speaker
A2 amplifier on white background

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