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Fantastic Steinway and Lyngdorf installation in Berkshire, UK


Our partner Cre8tive Rooms was tasked with the design and installation of the home automation and entertainment system at this beautiful property in Sunningdale. The focal point of the project is the incredible 5.4.4 Steinway Lyngdorf cinema room, complete with home bar.

Steinway Lyngdorf is widely considered one of if not the best audio brands in the world, and the sound in this cinema certainly lives up to that reputation,” said Finn Blackman, Cre8tive Rooms.

Complementing the world-class audio is a 4k laser projector and a movie-aspect, acoustically-transparent projector screen. Savant acts as the brain of the entire system, pulling all the various technologies together into one sleek and easy-to-use interface controllable via the various wall pads around the property or via any smart phone or tablet. Lutron lights the home with beautiful, custom-printed switches which activate pre-programmed lighting scenes as selected by the client.

In addition to the cinema, the main living area also boasts a 5.2 Lyngdorf Audio system with a smaller 2.2 Lyngdorf Audio system in the adjoining games room.


Design and installation by: Cre8tive Rooms

Product list – Steinway Lyngdorf products
  • Cinema room: P100 processor, 1 x A2 amplifier, 3 x A2 amplifiers, 3 x Model S-15 speakers (l/c/r), 2 x Model S-15 speakers (side/rear), 4 x Model IC-16 speakers (front Atmos), 4 x IC- 16 backbox and grille, 4 x LSR-212 boundary woofers, 2 x stack inserts
Product list – Lyngdorf Audio products
  • Study room: 2 x MH-2 speakers, 1 x BW-2 boundary woofer, TDAI-1120 amplifier
  • Main Lounge: MP-40 processor, 2 x MH-3 speakers, 2 x BW-2 subwoofers
  • Games room: 2 x MH-2 speakers, 2 x BW-2 subwoofers, TDAI-3400 amplifier
  • Dining room: 2 x MH-2 speakers, 2 x BW-2 subwoofers, TDAI-1120 amplifier
  • Kitchen: MP-40 processor, 2 x BW-2 subwoofers
  • Gym: 2 x MH-2 speakers, 1 x BW-2 subwoofer, TDAI-1120 amplifier
  • Master bedroom: TDAI-1120 amplifier, 1 x BW-2 subwoofer
  • Master dressing room: 2 x MH-3 speakers, 1 x BW-2 subwoofer, TDAI-1120 amplifier


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