The ultimate cinema experience with new X speakers

The ultimate cinema experience with new X speakers

The ultimate cinema experience with new X speakers

New X speakers

Steinway Lyngdorf commits to a new level of support for the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) with a collection of speakers designed for the ultimate Hollywood cinema and large format screening rooms. The X Series speakers are made specifically for both private and commercial projects that demand the highest possible performance. Designed for dedicated in-wall use, the X-Series speakers are based on the already high-performing In-Wall Series but offer a more powerful level of performance. The increased SPL capability has been engineered to meet the demanding new standards for commercial immersive theaters, making these speakers the perfect solution for large residential theaters as well as DCI-compliant screening rooms.

“Paradise Theater has recently engineered several DCI-compliant, Dolby ATMOS-Certified rooms with Steinway Lyngdorf audio systems. “The engineering team at Steinway Lyngdorf has been extremely responsive and collaborative in developing custom engineered speakers that meet the demanding SPL levels and performance required by Dolby for ATMOS certification,” said Sam Cavitt, owner of Paradise Theater. “The new X Series combines perfectly with the flagship Model LS Series to create the highest-level of cinematic experience. The new speaker collection represents a deeper level of commitment and focus on this important market segment – a direction for Steinway Lyngdorf that is great to see. We are very eager to commission these amazing rooms for our clients!”

Xtreme versions of IW-26V and IC-26

The collection includes two unique in-wall and in-ceiling speakers available as standard or bi-amplified designs. The Steinway & Sons Model X261 speaker is the “xtreme” version of the successful IW-26V speaker, redesigned and utilizing the more powerful air motion transformer (AMT) from the flagship Model D speaker. This gives the speaker an additional 4dB more peak output, for a total of 120dB with 93.5 dB sensitivity. For even greater output, the X262 operates without a filter in an active crossover bi-amped version, which adds another 2dB of peak output for a total of 122 dB. For immersive height channels, the X261C is the in-ceiling solution, providing a performance upgrade to the IC-26 speaker currently available. The X262C is the bi-amplified version.


The X series

The X Series (collection as listed below) will launch in late 2019, but detailed specifications and pricing will be announced shortly to Steinway Lyngdorf partners. For more information or assistance specifying the new X Series, contact your local Steinway Lyngdorf representative.

In-wall versions:

  • Steinway & Sons Model X261 (with filter)
  • Steinway & Sons Model X262 (active cross over/2-channel amplification)

In-ceiling versions:

  • Steinway & Sons Model X261C (with filter)
  • Steinway & Sons Model X262C (active cross over/2-channel amplification)
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