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Model C


The Model C provides outstanding sound purity and resolution, based on an open baffle dipole design which prevents any sound constraints from a speaker enclosure. The renowned Air Motion Transformer tweeter and two magnesium midrange drivers are given free rein to reproduce soundwaves, moving freely and interacting with the room like an instrument would. The tweeter consists of an ultra-thin, folded Kapton diaphragm between extremely powerful neodymium magnets, achieving a completely clear, high resolution, distortion-free performance even during the loudest crescendos.

High flexibility and bass performance from separate woofers

Freeing the Model C loudspeakers from the woofers allows a very elegant and slim design with more flexibility for room placement, while the bass performance improves due to the unique boundary woofer concept. Two accompanying woofers are placed elsewhere in the room near the room corners, ensuring an extraordinary sound reproduction of any music or soundtrack, with tight yet also deep and powerful bass, up to astonishingly high volume levels.

Design and finish on the highest quality level

The elegant Model C design with black lacquered front, bronze-gold frame visible through the open back, black strings and polished gold details resembles the iconic Steinway & Sons pianos. The accompanying boundary woofers are available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes, from in-room to wall-integrated models. Every Model C loudspeaker is assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark. Customized lacquers and finishes are available on request and special order.

Integrated system approach for the ideal amplifier match

Steinway Lyngdorf’s integrated system approach ensures the ideal amplifier match and the best system performance. The Model C has been designed with the Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers as an integral part, while the Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processor performs the crossover between all drive-units entirely and losslessly in the digital domain, achieving perfect frequency, gain, and time alignment. RoomPerfectTM adapts the system to the room acoustics and always ensures the best possible sound performance anywhere.

Model D chrome
Model D and Model C in a living room
Model D in the corner of a living room

Unique features

Model D speaker and piano
Elegant open baffle design

The Model C’s open baffle dipole design means no air compression and no sound coloration from a speaker enclosure, leading to a very pure, transparent, high-resolution sound from the tweeter and midrange drivers. The exposed design also resembles an open piano, with the bronze-gold frame and fascinating sound technology details visible from the back side.

Design and materials on the highest quality level

Every Model C loudspeaker is assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark. The lacquered parts, the visible sound technology on the bronze-gold frame, and the gold or chrome details are made to the same quality standards as a Steinway & Sons piano, giving the speaker its unmistakable appearance. Customized lacquers and finishes are available on request.

Back side of Model D loudspeaker
Back of Model D loudspeaker
Boundary woofers for extraordinary bass

Accompanying woofers are amplified separately and placed elsewhere in the room near the room corners, ensuring an extraordinary tight yet also deep and powerful bass while being visibly out of sight. Different Steinway & Sons boundary woofers can be chosen according to room size, interior design, and desired sound performance, for example the LSR-210 or LSR-212.

Technical drawing of Model D


Description: Mid/high-frequency dipole in-room loudspeaker
Tweeter: Air Motion Transformer, Kapton foil, neodymium magnet
Midrange: 2 x 130mm / 5,25”, precision-cast magnesium cone, vented Hexadym neodymium magnets, vented injection-moulded basket
Woofer: Separate boundary woofers LSR-210, LSR-212, LS BW, Model M BW, Model S-210
Enclosure: Open dipole, aluminum frame, MDF panels, steel base
Frequence range: 250 Hz – 22 kHz (-3 dB)
Amplification: A1 or A2 Amplifiers, 2 x 400 watt Model C, 1 x 400 watt boundary woofer
Amplification needed: 2 channels
Max SPL@1m: 117 dB
Crossover: Woofer/Midrange: Digital, stored in processor (250 Hz, 4th order) Midrange/Tweeter: Digital, stored in processor (2500 Hz, 4th order)
Connections: Neutrik speakON 4 pole
Placement: Floorstanding, free from walls
Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 1323 x 386 mm / 11.8 x 52.1 x 15.2 inches (incl. base plinth)
Weight: 42,4 kg / 93.5 lb
Finish: High-gloss black with gold or chrome accents, custom finishes available


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No limits on your creativity

The Steinway & Sons Model C speaker is named after the Steinway & Sons C-227 piano. The piano is particularly at home in smaller concert halls or spacious living rooms.

You can read more about the Model C piano here.

Steinway & Sons Model C piano on white background

Integrated system approach

All Steinway & Sons products can be combined for individual Steinway & Sons sound systems and follow our integrated system approach. The chosen loudspeakers are programmed into the processor, and amplifiers are connected reliably using our own digital signal connection. RoomPerfect™ will further acoustically calibrate the loudspeakers to the room. With this integrated system approach, we can guarantee the legacy of absolute perfection that comes with the Steinway & Sons partnership. A perfection which can never be attained mixing products “off the shelf” from different manufacturers.

This loudspeaker can be combined with the following models, depending on the room and customer wishes.

LSR-210 boundary woofers on white background
Head Unit Processor on white background
STEINWAY & SONS Head Unit Processor
SP-1 amplifier on white background