Steinway Lyngdorf launches new Model C loudspeaker

Jan 30, 2024 | Product news

Steinway & Sons Model C loudspeaker

Steinway Lyngdorf announces the launch of the new Steinway & Sons Model C loudspeaker. The Model C is a direct descendant from the first and original Steinway & Sons loudspeaker, the iconic Model D, sharing some of its core speaker technology but in a much smaller, lighter design. The downsizing has been achieved by separating the woofers from the main speaker, adapting the company’s boundary woofer technology.

Follow-up model of the original Model C

The first Model C was introduced in 2008, following the top-of-the-range Model D loudspeaker. The new Model C MK II launched at the ISE 2024 has an even more elegant and lighter design, with extended black strings on the backside replacing the former amplifier and crossover box, which are now part of the external digital amplifiers and processor. The sound performance has also been improved, with the crossover and sound alignment between all drive-units now entirely and losslessly in the digital domain. The Model C provides the highest sound quality at the level of the iconic Model D speaker, with enhanced room placement flexibility from a smaller design and separate woofers.

Unique open dipole loudspeaker design

The Model C’s distinct open baffle dipole design means no air compression and no sound coloration from a common speaker enclosure, leading to a very pure, transparent, high-resolution sound from the renowned Air Motion Transformer tweeter and two precision-cast magnesium cone midrange drivers. The exposed design also resembles an open piano, with the bronze-gold lacquered frame and fascinating sound technology details visible from the back side. Every Model C is assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark. The black lacquered and gold-plated parts are made to the same quality standards as a Steinway & Sons piano, giving the speaker its unmistakable appearance. Customized lacquers and finishes are available on request.

High room flexibility and bass performance from separate woofers

Freeing the Model C loudspeakers from the woofers allows a very elegant and slim design with more room placement flexibility, while the bass performance improves due to Steinway Lyngdorf’s unique boundary woofer concept. Two accompanying woofers are amplified separately and placed elsewhere in the room near the room corners, ensuring an extraordinary reproduction of any music, with tight yet also deep and powerful bass, up to astonishingly high volume levels. Different Steinway & Sons boundary woofers can be chosen according to room size, interior design, and desired sound performance.

Integrated system approach with fully active, digital crossover design

As with every Steinway & Sons speaker, the Model C is part of the company’s Integrated System Approach, ensuring each part of the system, from the speakers and boundary woofers to the Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processors and powerful digital amplifiers, is designed from the ground up to work perfectly together. Tweeter, midrange drivers and woofers have their own digital amplifier, with all crossover, distance alignment, and sound tuning entirely inside the digital processor. Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect™ technology is the finishing touch for each integrated system. RoomPerfect™ acoustically calibrates the speakers and woofers to the room acoustics, always ensuring the very best sound experience for every customer, in any room.


The new Steinway & Sons Model C will be available in Q2 2024. System prices depend on the choice of stereo or surround processor and boundary woofer model.


Statements from the team

“Just like the Steinway & Sons grand piano has been synonymous with outstanding craftmanship and uncompromising quality since 1853, the Model C and D have also been the pinnacle of the speaker systems from Steinway Lyngdorf. With this update we bring the Model C back to life with a much more elegant expression but with the same aesthetics and effortless sound that makes it the centerpiece of your home.”
Thomas Birkelund, CEO and CTO at Steinway Lyngdorf

“Our best speaker is no doubt the iconic Model D, which started the company’s partnership with Steinway & Sons. But not everyone can place such a statement speaker in their livingroom. The new Model C has the exact same open dipole midrange and tweeter section, while the bass performance comes from the acoustically ingenious boundary woofer concept. This merges the best of both worlds, in a truly elegant and light speaker design showing the distinct materials and appearance of the world’s finest piano.”
Roland Hoffmann, Product Marketing Director at Steinway Lyngdorf

“Model C has been our hidden gem for quite some time. It is the more space-saving version of the full-range Model D, designed for smaller rooms. Taste and interior design needs have changed since its first introduction. To honor this evolution, we have redesigned the Model C to enhance its visual impact: sleeker, more discreet, and more contemporary – embodying the essence of the Model C. All this is achieved without compromising audio performance, and we are confident that the Model C MK II will be welcomed by a broader audience seeking the ultimate experience in all aspects of their homes.”
Anker Haldan, CCO at Steinway Lyngdorf

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