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Harmonizing technology and design in a tech-forward family home


At Stoneledge, a modern 10,000 square foot residence, advanced technology seamlessly blends with high-end design to create an unparalleled living experience for a fun-loving, active family. This home not only serves as a private residence but also as the ultimate demonstration space for New York-based custom integration firm, Enhanced Home.

Building a technological showcase

From the ground up, Enhanced Home transformed this residence into a showcase of how technology can enhance daily life without sacrificing style. The technology was designed to add value to every room, with a particular focus on audio systems, reflecting the family’s passion for music. Steinway Lyngdorf collaborated closely with the design and engineering team to tailor different audio systems from their Steinway & Sons collection and the Lyngdorf Audio range. The choice between brands depended on the family’s priorities, required performance level, and desired visual presence.

Custom audio solutions

Five unique audio systems were designed for the main listening areas:

  • A Steinway Lyngdorf surround sound system in the media room
  • A Steinway Lyngdorf custom 2-channel system for the living room
  • A high-output Steinway Lyngdorf stereo system for the professional gym
  • Two smaller Lyngdorf Audio systems integrated into the master bedroom sitting area and library

Each system was tailored to the specific role of audio in the space, ensuring that every note was perfectly delivered. Leveraging Steinway Lyngdorf’s technologies like RoomPerfect™ and fully digital amplification allowed the design to take the forefront without compromising audio performance.

Advanced home automation

The home features a meticulously planned Crestron automation system that controls everything from lighting and climate to advanced audio and video distribution. Discrete mechanical rooms allow for future upgrades, ensuring the system remains cutting-edge.

Enhanced design and functionality

Motorized shades and custom lighting scenarios complement the interior design, providing functionality that enhances both efficiency and elegance. Each element is chosen to ensure that technology enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of the home.


Products used: Steinway & Sons Model M, Steinway & Sons Model -15, Steinway & Sons LS BW,  Steinway & Sons Model O, Steinway & Sons SP-1, Steinway & Sons P100 2.1, Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, Lyngdorf MH-2
Partner: Enhanced Home

 “Stoneledge represents the pinnacle where design seamlessly merges with cutting-edge technology, forging an unparalleled experience for my family and my business, Enhanced Home. Being able to work with Steinway Lyngdorf to design systems from both their collections brought an incredible consistency of high-level performance throughout all the key areas of my home.  Audio is transformative and, in this case, it transformed a sprawling house into a home where we’ll make memories to last a lifetime.”


Steinway Lyngdorf Model O speakers in a living room
Steinway Lyngdorf speakers in a living room
Steinway Lyngdorf speakers in a fitness room
Steinway Lyngdorf Model S-15 speaker in a fitness room
Lyngdorf speakers in a living room
Lyngdorf speakers in a living room

Products used in this case:

Steinway & Sons Model M center in-wall speaker
STEINWAY & SONS Model M center
Model S-15
LS woofer on white background
Steinway & Sons Model O loudspeaker
SP-1 amplifier on white background

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