Lyngdorf showroom near Dublin


Our partner Aspen Rock in Ireland has opened a showroom in the heart of Dalkey town, a coastal town located southside Dublin.

The showroom features a 2-channel Lyngdorf setup with Lyngdorf MH-2 speakers, BW-20 boundary woofers and the award winning TDAI-3400 amplifier. Besides the Lyngdorf system, the room features a 77 inch OLED TV, electric reclining family sofa all in a modern interior layout.


Products used: MH-2, BW-20, TDAI-3400

“The choice of Lyngdorf Audio for the showroom was down to the superb bass offered by the pair of BW20’s, along with the clarity of the compact MH2’s. The TDAI 3400 controller ensures a very high specification 2 channel system.”

Naveed, Director, Aspen Rock

Products used in this case:

Lyngdorf MH-2 speakers
Lyngdorf MH-2
Lyngdorf BW-20 boundary woofers
Lyngdorf BW-20
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 amplifier
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400

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