Living room

Lyngdorf installation with creative sub solution

Our partner Kingsted AV in the UK fulfilled their clients’ dream of having a small but mighty and aesthetically pleasing audio experience in their family kitchen/dining room. The room is about 6 x 12 m and open plan, thus requiring the unique RoomPerfect™ solution. For the audio system, Kingsted AV chose Lyngdorf Audio based on the clients’ requirements and room type. The installation included a TDAI-1120 amplifier, two MH-2 loudspeakers, and two BW-2 subwoofers.

Customised solution for the subwoofers

The main challenge was the subwoofers. Kingsted AV wanted to have these completely hidden, but the joinery had already been designed and installed, so they had to get creative. Luckily, there was an air-conditioning grill at the bottom of the joinery which could be used for the subwoofers’ exhaust. With a little persuasion and basic joinery skills, Kingsted AV managed to adjust the bottom of the unit and install the subwoofers facing towards the ground and out of the air-conditioning grill. It was risky, but the result was awesome. The subwoofers sounded perfect—just as good as if they were put in the corners facing out—as RoomPerfect™ likes them to be.

Products used: MH-2, BW-2, TDAI-1120

“The sound from the recently installed Lyngdorf system is truly outstanding. The clarity and RoomPerfect™ set up makes for a fantastic listening experience.


Lyngdorf woofers in furniture
MH-2 speakers in living room
MH-2 speaker in furniture

Products used in this case:

Lyngdorf MH-2
Lyngdorf MH-2
Lyngdorf BW-2
Lyngdorf BW-2
Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

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