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A jaw-dropping sound experience in a D-500 Lyngdorf home cinema


A client to our partner AV Innovation was moving from his previous home which had a dedicated cinema room with around £250,000 worth of equipment. His main requirement was to achieve a ‘similar’ experience on a smaller scale, not because of the equipment, but due to the room in the new house would only be around 4m wide and 5m long.

This would be a challenge to get acceptable levels of performance in a small room, so AV Innovation needed to find speakers capable of a full frequency response, discrete aesthetics and easy to install.


Why the system ended up being a Lyngdorf system.

The client was onboard with Lyngdorf products from the start, even though he hadn’t heard the brand before. AV Innovation sent him the technical documents of each speaker, which was supported by Simon from Lyngdorf. Simon had a very detailed conversation with the client to ensure the speakers would match his expectations.

  • The front channels are the Lyngdorf D-500 series (Left, Centre and Right speakers) – chosen because they are a fully enclosed unit and the screen wall had to be as shallow as possible. Performance was always going to be epic because these speakers drop down to 50hz and at the original time of planning, there was challenges with getting two subwoofers in the room, which was ideally needed.
  • Overheads are the four matching D-5 IC in-ceiling speakers, which are perfect for accurate audio due to the angled tweeter.
  • The room was providing a challenge to house subwoofers capable of the bass extension the client expected. With the processor also coming from Lyngdorf (the Lyngdorf MP-40 multichannel processor), Simon ensured that if they placed two BW-20 subwoofers behind the main seating position (off to the sides), the RoomPerfect™ calibration would adjust the bass response and timing to ensure there was cohesion between the front speakers the subwoofers.
  • The MH-2 speakers were chosen to handle side and rear channels. There was limited depth in the walls, so AV Innovation needed an ‘on-wall’ speaker, and for this the MH-2s were perfect.


The final result was jaw-dropping.

 “Our client’s jaw dropped, it’s as simple as that. As someone who was used to cinema rooms with exceptional levels of performance, he admitted he was still skeptical of what was going to be achieved. Even when he heard a brief demo of the room before the RoomPerfect™ calibration was done, he couldn’t believe the headroom in the system and the bass extension was fantastic.” James Cameron, Director, AV Innovation

Once RoomPerfect was run, the speakers really came alive. A couple of clips from recent movies (Top Gun Maverick, A Quiet Place 2 and Ready Player One) showcased the dynamics in the system. The midrange is incredibly focused, and the subwoofers create huge power without any hint of stress.

The benefits of the four overhead speakers for Atmos content, not only in film but in music (special mention for Dark Side of the Moon) are incredible. A tricky ceiling installation meant that the 45 degrees was pretty much achieved, but RoomPerfect™ adapted the positions and with incredible results.

From just unboxing the speakers from Lyngdorf, we knew this was going to be an exceptional system, but what gave us even more confidence in our choice was the support from Steinway Lyngdorf UK. Simon was fantastic in providing the final touches for the room calibration but also assisted in the design (especially in the subwoofer placements) and with the handover to the client. This cemented the reason why the brand was chosen.” James Cameron, Director, AV Innovation


Products used: D-500 Left/Center/Right, MH-2, D-5 IC, BW-20, MP-40
Partner: AV Innovation

Lyngdorf D-500 speakers in a home cinema
Lyngdorf D-500 speakers in a home cinema

Products used in this case:

Lyngdorf D-500 speakers
Lyngdorf D-500 & D-500 center
Lyngdorf MH-2 speaker
Lyngdorf MH-2
Lyngdorf D-5 speakers
Lyngdorf D-5 IC
Lyngdorf BW-20 subwoofer
Lyngdorf BW-20
Lyngdorf MP-40 processor on grey background
Lyngdorf MP-40

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