This sound system, which features Model D speakers paired with Model M speakers, functions both as a stereo system and as a 7-channel surround sound system. Installed at a 280 m2 / 3000 ft2 condominium in Singapore, this system transforms the living room into a virtual cinema and concert hall.

Using the Model D speakers for stereo playback, the client enjoys his favorite symphony orchestra pieces while enjoying the tranquil views . His family prefers the cinematic effects of an action movie and the Model D speakers seamlessly combine with the Model M speakers, which are used for center and surround speakers, and Model LS Boundary Woofers to provide powerful bass.

The electronics driving the system are the Model P1 Surround Processor with RoomPerfect™ and Model A1 Digital Amplifiers, all neatly stacked in a custom designed wood console.


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