This oversized basement home theater shines in a three-story executive home in Singapore’s heartlands. The client, a busy professional, wanted to create an extraordinary sound experience for himself and his three active children. He made the right choice with the installation of a 5-channel Model S home theater system with Model LS boundary woofers. Despite the theater’s expansive dimensions (11m x 6M), the Model S performs at high decibel levels without any distortion.  With its marble floors and sweeping dimensions, the room is quite live with no acoustical treatment. RoomPerfect™ takes 3D room measurements and adapts the system to the room to create an extraordinary theater audio experience.

The Model S’s matte black finish perfectly complements the theater’s crisp, comfortable furniture and quiet décor.

“My family works hard and studies hard. We are thrilled to have a home theater in which we can escape into a viewing and listening experience like none other. This is the closest to live sound we can possibly get; I’m very happy with the results.” – Homeowner

The client spared no expense in creating the ultimate sound experience in his home. He also installed two additional Steinway Lyngdorf systems, one in the living room and one in the children’s gaming room.


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