This client wanted to turn a media room into a top-notch theater with the press of button, or vice versa, without sacrificing the design of the room. A dedicated home theater would be too dark for the homeowners’ tastes, yet they wanted to be able to play the system loud and have exceptional fidelity. They also wanted a place where electronics would add comfort to their lives and offer entertainment for their guests. The bar was set high, as they already owned multiple homes, each with dedicated home theaters.

Steinway & Sons products were chosen for this project because of their ability to deliver extreme performance without requiring changes to the existing room design. The Model M speakers selected suit this installation perfectly and deliver a uniform tonal balance throughout the entire listening space. The result is an extraordinary sound whether the client wants a true cinematic experience or simply wants to relax and enjoy music while looking out at the beautiful ocean view.

Installation by Audio One.


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