Take a “spare-no-expense” investment property in the heart of an up-and-coming South London neighborhood. Add a visionary owner with a passion for sound. Throw in a Steinway Lyngdorf Model S system. The result? An incredible home theater installation that has wowed even the most seasoned industry professionals.

“I was prepared to be impressed, but ended up being blown away.” – Mark Craven, Editor, Home Cinema Choice Magazine

Featuring dark walls and carpeting, nine ivory leather chairs, and an inventive lighting scheme (with intermittent shooting stars), the cinema room is one of the most remarkable spaces in the home, which is currently being remodeled from an industrial building to a smart-home apartment. The homeowner is a self-described “AV-holic” with an undying passion for perfect sound. He selected a 7.4 channel Steinway & Sons Model S system with Model LS boundary woofers, including a P1 processor and A1 fully digital amplifiers. Impressive to Craven from Home Cinema Choice was the homeowner’s ability to actually save money with the selection of the Steinway Lyngdorf system: “With Steinway Lyngdorf’s P1 processor and A1 digital amplifier employing the brand’s RoomPerfect correction/calibration wizardry, [he] reveals he’s been able to eschew traditional room treatments altogether, and therefore save an estimated £40,000.” Craven is well-known among audiophiles for his tough assessments of high-end systems. Clearly, the Steinway Lyngdorf system makes the grade.

“The quartet of subwoofers certainly adds to the fun.” – Homeowner

As a mark of the homeowner’s faith in Steinway Lyngdorf, he has hosted open house events to welcome dedicated audiophiles to come experience the Model S system first hand. Every guest who hears the system becomes a true believer.

“I have been into home cinema for 20 years now and have heard some stunning setups in my time. I can assure all that this is the best cinema I have ever experienced, period.” – Guest


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