This Model LS surround sound system has razor-sharp dynamics and unparalleled realism. It can be experienced at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. For this installation, in-wall speakers and woofers were placed behind an acoustically transparent screen and wall coverings. A key benefit of Steinway Lyngdorf’s line source speakers is that they have an incredible dynamic range and very low distortion, even at extremely high sound pressure levels. At the same time, the line source construction ensures equal sound pressure level and frequency response irrespective of seat placement and listening height, meaning it is almost impossible to detect any change in volume and quality, no matter which seat you are in.

The Model P1 surround sound processor with RoomPerfect™, together with the fully digital Model A1 amplifiers ensures that the system has brilliant performance without restraints or coloration.

Installation by Audio Video Interiors.


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