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Model A1 and A2 Fully Digital Amplifier

The 2-channel Model A1 and 4-channel Model A2 utilize fully digital amplification. This means that nothing gets between you and your sound. Without sound-deteriorating digital-to-analog conversions, the digital signal drives the speakers directly, with no translation and no middleman. This unique and technically demanding solution offers clear replay at all sound levels, an unsurpassed dynamic range, and the purest sound possible.

Furthermore, the incorporation of the Steinway Lyngdorf Digital Link conveys the original digital signal from the processor to the amplifier, thus ensuring that signal processing is handled 100% in the digital domain.

Featuring the world’s most advanced technology as well as uncompromised component quality, the A1 and A2 amplifiers are optimized for musical and cinema performance and maintain full sound resolution whether at high or low volume levels. And you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency—or the environment—for quality. Our fully digital amplifiers use  significantly less power and generate less heat than a traditional analog set-up. We promise a perfect performance in even the most unique settings, including yachts and difficult electrical environments.

A1 and A2 Digital Amplifier