Steinway Lyngdorf, maker of the finest sound systems in the world in partnership with Steinway & Sons, is proud to announce launch of its latest product, the IC-26 in-ceiling speaker.

Designed as an in-ceiling and in-wall height speaker, the IC-26 speaker is the perfect choice for immersive sound formats and it´s angled design allows for optimum coverage of the entire listening area.

The IC-26 will be shipping worldwide immediately.

Versatile Placement Options

The IC-26 is extremely versatile when it comes to placement options as it is designed for perfect performance when placed inside a wall or ceiling, but also when placed in ‘free air’. And because of its design, it is also possible to place it semi in-wall by having it partly protruding.

For in-ceiling installation a dedicated back box is available. It is prepared with magnet attachment for a fabric grill available in black or white – or just as the frame on which the installer can apply any acoustically transparent fabric his client might wish. For on-wall/ceiling installation purposes, the IC-26 has an attachment interface on both the back and top of the speaker intended for VESA 100 brackets.

Powerful Immersive Effects
As the IC-26 can be placed above ceiling – in ‘free air’ with no support from boundaries it was designed with two very potent 6½” woofers to make it powerful enough to deliver ample sound pressure level even when placed in such difficult locations. The woofers are accompanied with our renowned AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter used in all speakers from Steinway Lyngdorf.

Controlled Cabinet
‘Form follows function’ is an often used design term. Well, in case it is completely the case since the angled design was created to direct the sound downwards towards the listening position. And in order to make the design as compact as possible, and to facilitate central placement of the tweeter, the two woofers were also angled towards each other. The acoustical side effect of this sophisticated cabinet design is that there are no parallel surfaces in the cabinet which is a huge benefit as this prevents the rear radiated sound from the woofer from being reflected directly back into the woofers.

Time Domain Optimized Drivers
The keyword for the drivers in any loudspeaker from Steinway Lyngdorf is that we do everything we can for optimizing the time domain for the simple reason that a slow driver can never be made fast (start and stop precisely as the signal dictates) by adding EQ. A driver simply needs to be as fast as possible for the frequency range it is working within.

The woofers used in IC-26 are specially designed for the application by Steinway Lyngdorf. The cones of the 6½” drivers are so-called ‘hard-cones’ –  cones that work without break-ups in their entire working range. The cones are made from aluminum which by nature is a stiff and lightweight material – but to further increase stiffness they undergo a deep anodization process. The powerful ‘motor’ of the driver consists of an 890g / 31oz vented magnet and a Ø35mm / 1½” long-throw voice coil. Venting the magnet prevents over and under pressure developing behind the dust cap when the cone moves back and forth. The advantage is a faster, more dynamic and precise sound reproduction.

The pole piece of the magnet is copper cladded which ensures a significant reduction in distortion as it short-circuits the eddy currents that are inevitably sent into the magnet system when a signal current runs through the voice coil. The basket is made from cast aluminum which has two functions: Firstly, as aluminum is a non-magnetic material, the magnetic force does not spread out into the basket but stays concentrated where it is needed; Around the magnet gap for the voice coil. Secondly, the aluminum basket is a very sturdy design that ensures that the heavy magnet is always perfectly aligned with the voice coil. The result is a woofer with a superb impulse response, high sensitivity and great power handling.

The Air Motion Transformer tweeter (AMT) features an ultra-thin, folded Kapton diaphragm with a large surface area. The AMT tweeter combines the advantages of a dome tweeter with the advantage of a ribbon tweeter, resulting in higher power handling and very accurate detail reproduction. Due to the driving force being distributed over the entire surface area of the diaphragm, and the fact that the design ensures a uniform magnetic field irrespective of diaphragm excursions, the AMT always “tracks” the signal with absolute precision. The large surface area, which equals that of cone of a 5¼“ midrange, allows for excellent cooling and results in an efficiency that is 4 times higher than a conventional dome tweeter. Hence the risk of overload and power compression is virtually eliminated.

The result is an incredibly powerful, smooth, linear, dynamic and amazingly transparent high frequency reproduction.

Full System Approach
The C-26 can be mixed with all speakers from Steinway Lyngdorf and must be driven by our dedicated processors and amplifiers. The legacy of absolute perfection that comes with the Steinway & Sons partnership cannot be attained with a mix of “off the shelf” products from different manufacturers. No chain is stronger than the weakest link, and the full system approach ensures high efficiency in every aspect.


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