Renowned hi-fi retailer Hi-Fi Klubben features a concept entitled “Hi-Fi Scenen.” The purpose is to create a venue where artists can present their albums to an intimate crowd of hi-fi enthusiasts. Hi-Fi Scenen is a celebration of the album as a whole piece of art – and, of course, it is also an ode to great sound.

Anders Trentemøller, a special guest to the fourth event in the Hi-Fi Scenen series, played his latest album Lost on a Steinway Lyngdorf system to the biggest crowd yet in this unique program. A stereo Model LS System was the perfect system to showcase Trentemøller’s unique music; its line source technology meant that every seat in the house experienced the same sound pressure. Listeners literally felt the texture and depth that is perfectly suited for Trentemøller´s rich, complex compositions.

“It was a very special experience for me to play my own album in here,” said Trentemøller about the evening. “It was an intimate and close atmosphere, and at the same time it was very rewarding. I also heard some details in the music that I hadn’t noticed myself…it was a very different experience!”


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